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weight training for womenJust because you are not striving for 15 inch biceps or painstakingly strong thighs like the bodybuilders in the gym does not imply you should rule out the weight room. Despite its stature as a “guy” thing, today a larger chunk of women are hitting gyms for weight training. It basically gives women an edge over tress, belly fat, heart diseases and various types of cancers. Here are some reasons why weight training for women is important:

It helps you to loose 40% more fat

Weight training not only helps you to protect your hard earned muscles but also helps you to burn more fat. It helps you to shed excessive calories while your hips are placed on the couch. According to a research, when people did a complete body workout with 3 muscle moves, their metabolism rate was increased for approximately 39 hours afterwards. Moreover women do not gain size from lifting because unlike men, they have 10 to 30 times less hormones that cause fat accumulation.

It helps to build your bones and make you stronger

The bone mass weakens as you age. According to a study 16 weeks of weight training among women helped to increase the hip bone density and also augmented the blood levels of osteocalcin (an indicator of bone growth) by approximately 19%. It also augments the mineral density of your bone by almost 13% in a period of 6 months.

It helps to get you into shape faster

According to a study it was found that training with weights increases your heart rate by 15 beats every minute which is much higher than other workouts such as cardio, running etc. This method also helps to strengthen your muscles. In addition to this for every pound of muscle you gain, you will burn 40-50 calories everyday.

It helps to support a healthy heart

According to the researchers of University of Michigan, women who performed a total of 3 body weight workouts every week for continuous 2 months reduced their blood pressure levels by an average of eight points. This number is quite sufficient to lower the risk of developing heart problems by 15% and the risk of a stroke by 40%.

It helps you to become smarter

Brazilian researchers determined that six months of rigorous weight training boosted weight lifter’s physiological function. In addition to this, the sweat sessions from such a training resulted in better short and long term memory, longer concentration period and improved verbal and logical reasoning.

It helps to fight chronic diseases

Weight training helps to improve the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your body. A study also revealed a success rate of 80% in eliminating low back pains in women.

Weight training for women includes some of the following exercises

Circle and Bend Warm Up

This exercise warms up the body and helps you to prepare your body for lifting weights. It helps to accentuate your muscles and slowly stretch them. This warm up can be done with or without the help of an exercise ball. For this, you need to position yourself at one place standing straight and lifting your arms holding the ball.

Now you need to stretch your arms along with the ball straight up overhead while keeping your knees straight. Then you need to lift torso and slightly stretch to right side in a circular motion. Bring the ball down, touching the floor while keeping your knees straight. Repeat this rotation 10 times and then switch the side.

Shoulder Shrug

This is an easy weight lifting exercise that adds definition to your shoulder muscles, enhancing your appearance and overall body posture. For this you need to position yourself straight with both legs apart. Now raise your right shoulder to the highest level and hold for a count of 4. Now lower the shoulder and repeat the same with your left shoulder. You must perform 3 sets each of 15 repetitions.

Compound Exercises

These exercises work both large and small muscle groups in your body. For the lower body you can use squats that work your lower back, abdominal and legs; and the deadlift that works your legs, and lower back. For your upper body you can use barbells that work your biceps, forearm and back; the bench press focuses on your triceps, shoulders and chest; and the military press focuses on your triceps and shoulders directly along with the upper chest and upper back.

Some factors that are essential for weight training include the following:

Planning an appropriate workout

A proper planning is required for a good exercise regimen including its programming, duration and intensity. You must ensure that you perform the technical lifts that initially use the larger muscles of the body for instance, squatting. Do not fatigue your lower back or abs before you squat. Some people train their entire body in a single session a few times in a week while others prefer to stretch them over several weeks. Whatever way you may choose, make sure that you give your muscles 2 days to retrieve before working them again.

Training week

An essential element to weight training includes proper rest to the body. If you train 3 days in a week, you give your body enough time to retrieve because your muscles grow during the time your body is resting. Also, do not exhaust a muscle just the day before you perform a military press or a heavy bench workout.

Things to avoid

It is recommended not to perform isolation exercises alone while at the gym because compound exercises generate better and much more effective results. Also allow a short period of rest duration between the set of exercises, which may vary from 30 to 60 seconds. If you are lifting heavy weights or if it is your first time, it is advised not to lift them without a safety cage or spotter. This will help you to avoid any kind of physical injury.

Therefore these were some of the important aspects of weight training for women. Being the educated fitness divas, you must prioritize your workout training for healthy lifestyle and a healthy you. So start today!

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