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how to build muscle fastDo you want to supersize your muscles quickly ? Well, muscle building continues to be an up hill battle for most men as it is a long and tedious task. But do not get disheartened. If you can focus your concentration on the three most indispensable components: exercise, diet and muscle building process, then you can definitely achieve the best results in a short time.

All that you are required to do is reprogram your ethos to a positive thought while trying to build muscle mass. If you follow a positive and confident approach, it will certainly benefit you more. Many people fail in muscle building process as they do not follow a strict workout routine. Therefore in order to achieve effective results, you must glue yourself to the fundamental rules of this process.

How to build muscle fast?

Here are a few tips that will effectively help you in your muscle building process.

Force Growth with Gradual Lifts and Overload

The muscles have absolutely no reason to grow if they are not put under ever-increasing demand. This simply means that the weight you lift on any exercise should increase gradually over time. According to Jason Ferruggia, an excellent trainer, slow velocity exercises for the growth of muscles is the biggest mistake and a complete waste of time.

Carry Out Unilateral Exercises

Single limb movements, especially with heavy weight, employs muscle activation unite. The employment of such units impact muscle building by intensifying overall neurological efficacy and fiber employment, thereby allowing you to boost your muscle and create more growth. It is recommended to begin with bilateral movements, transforming to a few single-limb sets and then completing it with a few bilateral exercises.


In order to augment the development of a focused muscle, it is great to pre-simulate, performing an isolation exercise. The main aim is to form recruitment patterns in the initial workout that will affect the more prolific compound movements. It is also recommended to perform quick and not so heavy flys workout before you begin the bench press. This will activate your pecs and you will be able to perform more hard. In addition to this you must also ensure that your shoulders and triceps have completed the thrusted workout. You can also perform straight-up-pull-downs before pull-ups for more effective results.

The Magic Touch

This is a great trick to build muscle fast. While performing your sets, you can lightly feel the worked on muscle which in turn will help to stimulate mind-muscle connection through a method known as tactile stimulation. This will indicate your body and brain to accelerate the activation of that specific muscle. Eventually you will be able to strengthen this connection immensely, thus allowing you to trigger the focused muscle while performing the unilateral exercises but also while performing the back exercises.

This method works unbelievably well with carves and back. Many people have problem with glute activation, therefore resting your hand on the tuckus while you are performing hip raises will certainly help to flare up your glutes and improve strength and development.

More Work and Less Time

Another challenging yet fun way to build your muscle fast is to complete the given exercise regimen in less time. Reducing training time without decreasing your workout volume augments the density of the training. The focused muscle will feel more invigoration without recuperating, forcing the body to reimburse with a rise in power, workout capacity, output, muscular hardness and size. Surging the density of the training also helps in losing weight and working it for a distinct muscle during the weight loss plan can help you to bring up that specific part of the body while shedding a little weight.

What Factors Will Boost Fast Muscle Buildup?

The following factors can influence the hard work you put into the muscle building process:

1. Nutrition

The choices of foods that you pick, greatly impact the process of gaining muscle. So firstly, you need to ensure that you consume surplus calories to develop new muscle. If you consume only limited amount of calories to maintain the current lean muscle mass, then you may get powerful but there won’t be enough surplus resources to form new muscle.

The intake of protein is also very essential and you will be required to keep a high intake of good quality protein such as, whey protein, nuts, meat etc. The suggested consumption of protein includes 0.7g of protein per pound of your bodyweight, thus keeping your protein synthesis elevated.

2. Supplementation

In addition to a proper diet, supplements also aid in the process of muscle gain. Some of the supplements include:


This works by accelerating the amount of Adenosine Triphosphate which is involved in transferring energy at a cellular level and therefore it is associated with your performance. It also augments the delivery of nutrients which in turn boosts muscle growth.


This is a combination of vitamin B6 and zinc magnesium. It helps to stimulate hormone levels in the body, thereby enhancing testosterone production naturally. This in turn boosts the aggression level to perform while working out.

Whey Protein

It is a very effective food option when it comes to your dietary management, making it an extremely high quality protein.

3. Training

Muscle growth is all about destroying the fibers that you begin with. So therefore the best way to undertake it is to follow a heavy resistance training along with weightlifting exercises.

4. Rest30

This is an extremely important factor in the quest for muscle buildup and should not be underrated at any cost. The truth is that the real muscle growth takes place while your body is resting. It is also essential not to overwork and overstress your muscles in the entire process as it may cause overtraining syndrome. You must be receptive towards your body’s requirement for rest.

These were the simple yet effective ways on how to build muscle fast and jump-start development in your muscle. Therefore in order to achieve the best results, set yourself up for a dedicated and constructive muscle growth program.

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