The Best Supplements for Bodybuilding

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bodybuilding supplementsThe importance of supplements in gaining muscle mass must never be underestimated. Bodybuilders however take the correct combination in order to maximize workouts and supplements are available for both pre-workouts and post workouts. Do not think if you are a scrawny guy that you will build muscle simply by taking supplements. Consider taking the best supplements for bodybuilding by combining them.


Creatine naturally occurs in your muscle cells with the majority of it found around skeleton muscle tissue. Boosting your bodybuilding in promoting lean muscle tissue, also increased muscle cell volume and increases high intensity muscle performance. Bodybuilders find much faster post-workout recovery. Since it already naturally occurs in your body there is no stress to stop taking it and athletes stopping with increased Creatine will find Creatine levels back to normal within a month.

Whey Protein

Whey Protein is essential for serious bodybuilders as it contains not only a high amount of protein but also minerals, magnesium and calcium. You can take Whey Protein for losing body fat and muscle gain and supplementing it to an exercise routine speed up fat loss and muscle gain. Taking the supplement after a workout adds additional benefits by gaining vitamins and minerals lost during training. It significantly assists in muscle repair after an intense weight lifting workout.


When you use Glutamine, you will find you have more strength and endurance. You will train harder for longer and have the ability to push the limits of your muscles. As you know, pushing your muscles to its limits is an inspiration to produce great looking lean muscles. The other benefits are preservation of muscle tissue essentially forcing your body to burn additional fat during training instead of shrinking your muscles. Glutamine is one of the best supplements for bodybuilding as it also enhances a body’s growth hormones.

How Often Should You Train a muscle Group?

This is where many make the first major mistake when they want to bulk up when they think they can train every muscle group every day. Even with the aid of supplements, it is important to heal your muscles in order for muscle fibers to grow stronger. It does not mean you cannot train everyday, simply not the same muscle group every day. Remember that muscles grow and recover when they rest and that is when you gain muscle mass.

Larger muscles like your chest for example take longer to recover than biceps, which are a smaller muscle group. You will benefit if you plan your week ahead to produce better results, you want to be able to continue exercising without injuring muscles, or you will not be able to train at all. You do realize that some muscles automatically work more often than others do like your shoulders and arms. Keep that in mind when working out your weekly training schedule.

Take for example the following schedule, which alternates muscle groups:

  • Day one – Triceps and upper back
  • Day two – trunk, hamstring and calves
  • Day three – cardio workout
  • Day four – biceps and chest
  • Day five –day off
  • Day six – abs, quads and calves
  • Day seven – take the day off or do cardio

Always start with three different sets for example of 30 if you can manage it. If you are a beginner, do not stress as with time you naturally increase your sets and repetition times. You do not need to take a break of longer than 5 minutes between each set, as you do not want you warm muscles to cool down. Take the best supplements for bodybuilding, before and after workouts and be patient, you will see results, with the right diet and enough rest added to the mixture.

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