I Don’t Feel Like Working Out Today

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workoutWell, first up, every one that has ever lifted iron in the gym, or worked out, has felt like that at some stage.

Fitness isn’t fun, lifting to failure on every set isn’t fun, eating a decent diet, that isn’t crammed full of sugary treats, isn’t fun, its the horrible truth people.

But, what I can tell you is that way you will look and feel is, the ability to own the room when you walk into it is, that fact that members of the opposite sex will pay you lots more attention when you are in shape, is amazing.

So the point I want to make here, is it’s that end results that makes the hard work worth it, on the home page, there is a short video on CT Fletcher, a power lifting champ in his day, now in his 50’s still trains hard. Still makes it into the gym, no matter what, his final words in that video is “Just get it done”, yep sounds like a Nike Ad.

But that’s it in a nut shell, you can over analyze things, you can keep looking for the magic bullet, you know the latest crazy workout or diet. However it is you getting up of your arse and doing the hard work, that will get you that sexy beach body you want.

You need to make that decision, am I staying on the couch eating ice cream and chips, or am I getting up hitting the gym, and eating steak after training.
There are a ton of sites out there like this one, that will give you some great advice about working out, weather its loosing weight, gaining muscle, or specific advice on certain diets or training methods.

No matter what information you take in, no matter what the equation, there is only one factor that will decide just what you personal results will be, that is YOU. That’s right the person reading this is the one thing that will decide what you will achieve.

Stop kidding your self, its sweat, its some pain, it will make you uncomfortable, but guess what once you decide to make the difference in your life and to your body, there is no looking back.

You only have to look at the TV or news feed online, there are a ton of really healthy fit successful celebrities out there. So do you think Dwayne The Rock Johnson, got the body he did by sitting on his arse, or Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime, achieve the success he did, by eating packets of oreo’s or tim tams.

The answer to that is NO, they focused on their goals, sacrificed some things along they way, and got busy doing the hard work.  So enough of the rant, ask you self today, are you going to miss that workout ??


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