How to Gain Muscle Bulk and Get Big

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gain muscle massGaining muscle and bulk all come about as a result of hard work, discipline and a great diet. Combining all these well over a period of time will definitely result in a well built body that not only has great muscles in the right places but is strong, healthy and fit.

Muscle building and development will require access to a gym on a regular basis. Gym attendance should be at least three times a week or more. For beginners, it is best to start off with beginners’ gym exercises as the muscles are not yet used to the rigors of working out. There are various work out regiments designed especially for beginners. Identifying one of these is important.

However, even without an official program, it is easy to design one. It is important that a plan, once designed, is adhered to as it will provide a guide towards progress and indicate room for improvements. Without sticking to one, it will be difficult to gauge progress or determine where improvement is required.

Designing a workout program can be tricky but this should not be the case. The body is divided into major groups. The sections of the body that require major workouts such as the chest, back and legs; and the body parts where the workouts are relatively moderate. These include the arms, shoulders, calves and laterals among other smaller muscle groups.

When charting a workout program, each major body part should have its very own workout day. It can be accompanied by one or two of the minor body workouts. The reason for this split is this. Major body parts such as the chest or legs require plenty of energy and large weights so as to work them out adequately. They usually require a lot of exertion on the part of the trainee such that combining two major workouts would render one or the other ineffective. A trainee would get totally exhausted and would not be able to work out properly or effectively.

A good workout program can have chest exercises as the major body workout for one day. It can be combined by triceps workouts as the minor exercises. The second day can have legs training as the major body workout, with biceps training as the other form of exercise for that second day’s workout. The third of training can have the back as the major body workout and shoulders as the alternative body workout. If need be, these exercises can be repeated in the course of the week. So if Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have each an exercise routine, these can then be repeated on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, if need be.

Chest exercises for the first day of training should include flat bench press, inclined bench press exercises and inclined dumb bell press training. Each of these exercises will work out a different pectoral muscle on the chest, enabling the entire pectoral region to develop muscle, gain bulk and grow. Triceps workout after chest exercises is great because bench press always warms up the triceps. Triceps are the lower muscles of the upper arm. If well developed, they could really grow and bulk up. Triceps exercises include barbell triceps extensions, dumbbell triceps extensions and triceps dips. Triceps workouts can also include triceps pulls on the pulley machine.

Second day of training can involve the upper legs which is basically the thigh muscles. This is a major body part and requires plenty of heavy training and workouts for real muscle growth and bulk. The basic exercise is the squat and includes a flat squat and an inclined squat. Squats may also vary with the toes pointing outwards and toes pointing forwards. When performing squat exercises, it is important that the posture maintains a straight back, rather than a curved one. The squat should be performed correctly with the weight placed on the shoulders and knees should bend until in sitting positions. It is easy to get injuries if these exercises are not performed properly.

The third day should see the back as the major workout day. Back exercises that can be undertaken on this day include barbell rowing, dumbbell rowing exercises and one arm rowing. Other exercises may include lateral pull downs and the T-bar rowing exercises. Back posture should be straight when performing these exercises so that they are well executed and to prevent injuries. Back exercises can be performed together with biceps training as rowing does warm up the arm muscles. Biceps training can include barbell curls, dumbbell curls and preacher curls exercises.

The major exercises can have sets of three each with each set having 8 to 12 reps or repetitions. The minor exercises can have sets of 3 – 4 each with 12 – 15 repetitions. Trainees should ensure they work out at least three times a week with plenty of rest between training periods. Workouts should be spaced out well and trainees should go to the gym when they are fresh and not when exhausted. Lots of sleep is great for growth, development and bulk of the body and the various muscle.

Before a training session begins, a trainee should consume a small quantity of energy foods to provide them with energy necessary for the workout. Diet is also a major part of great muscle growth and development. A good diet will basically be a balanced diet. Ti should contain all the three major categories of foods.

These are proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. The diet should also contain essential minerals and essential fats. However, bad foods and bad fats should be avoided at all costs. They include processed foods, deep fried foods, fizzy drinks, white foods and very fatty foods. Trainees should consumer more proteins as they help promote muscle growth and development. These include white meats such as fish and chicken lean red meats, beans and other great sources of protein.

Drinking plenty of water is also great but not during workouts. It is best after workouts. Such a simple yet effective routine and diet adjustment will definitely lead to great muscle growth, muscle development and bulk. It does take time, however and muscles will not develop overnight.

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