How To Add Muscle Mass Onto Your Chest

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chest massIt’s really hard when starting out in the gym to know what to do to gain some muscle mass. It gets especially hard if you were like me and read every single Mr Olympia workout routine I could get my hand on, thinking that working out like the latest Mister O would give me the mass I wanted.  I wanted a huge chest, once I learnt how I changed what I was doing and got the results I wanted.

Working out and gaining muscle mass is just like building any thing else, you need to start with strong foundations. So if you are just starting out, I recommend breaking your body up into groups and training the whole body over 3 days.

Monday, Tuesday Wednesday split

Monday – Chest

Wednesday – Back, Biceps

Friday – Legs

I want to focus on Chest particularly at this stage, the reason being, is so many people that start out only focus on the flashy muscles like Arms.  Chest is part of your trunk, a crucile element if you want to build a physique that is strong and powerful, yet still pleasing to look at.

The workout

Warming up – 5 minutes on the bike, or treadmill
Stretching – stretching out you muscle is important so you do not get and tears or injuries.

Bench press – 4 sets. – 15 – 10 – 8 – 8

When starting out, everyone want to pile on the weight, and lift as heavy as possible, this is the wrong thing to do. Start with a light weight, and gradually increase it until your last set is 8 reps.

Incline Bench Press – 3 sets – 10 x 8 x 8

Again same thing.

Flat bench flies – 3 sets 10 x 10 x 10

With flat bench flies, there is no point going to heavy, as there is a lot of strain put on the muscle joints.  So drop the heavy weight and focus on getting a deep stretch and feel each rep.

That’s it a simple starter chest workout, that is guaranteed to build a solid chest muscle mass foundation.

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