How do I gain weight is a dumb question

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how do I gain weightBelieve it or not, we’ve got asked several times how do I gain weight ? and we’ve got to tell you, its a dumb question.  Here’s why, you need to define what type of weight you want to gain :

What type of weight do you want to gain

Bad weight

If your a little skinny, and want to gain a bit of weight.  You can start pigging out on every bad food you can find. We mean, chips, lollies, pizza’s, icecream, you know anything that you can get your hand on.  Keeping sitting on the couch, watching endless hours of TV, just basically doing nothing.  You will put on weight, just not the type of weight you really want.


Good weight

You’re  a little skinny, and you want to start training hard.  You start eating a balanced diet, eating 5 – 6 times per day, training to failure, getting plenty of rest, taking the best supplements you can afford.  Doing all the smart things you need to do,  you will put on weight.

See the different, its not enough to just ask How do I gain weight, you need ask what sort of weight do you really want to put on.  You’ve landed on a Muscle Building site, its a fair chance you are looking for an edge in the gym.

So take the time, to work out for yourself, Bad weight or Good weight.  If you are serious about being in the gym, and you want to add some decent muscle mass, then its good weight you want.

The easiest way to think of the question is How do I gain weight, is simple Lift big, Eat Big, Sleep big.

So let’s take a quick look at the big 3.

Lift Big

Don’t be one of those people working out, day after day, lifting the same weight.  Start adding some iron on the bar.  You need to be lifting heavy enough  to take it to failure after 6 reps on the last set.

Eat Big

First things first, put down the bowl of ice cream. Stop eating crap.  Stick to Wholesome foods, so Full cream mils, wholemeal breads, steaks, chickens, eggs.   You get the picture eat healthy, 5 – 6 times a day, and in enough quantities to feel full.

Sleep big

This is probably one of the most underused tools , in trying to gain weight. Get your eight hours.  You need to be pushing your body in the gym. feeding it fuel when you’re eating, and letting it recover when your sleeping.

That’s it, simple really, How do I gain weight is still a dumb question, How do I gain good weight.  Remember to look past the obvious, don’t waste your sweat time in the gym.  Make every rep count, and your gain weight quick enough., count on it.

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