Bicep Workouts For Mass

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massive bicepsIt a little different for girls, but for Guy its always BICEPS. Its the first muscle that guys want to show off, its the one that pops out in a T shirt, so the question becomes is there a bicep workout for Mass.  Easy question to answer, YES of course there is. But most people working out, get awfully confused when to comes to hitting biceps for muscle mass.

Confusion # 1

I need to hit my biceps from every single angle, for 20 sets with 15 reps to get them to grow.

Truth #1

No, you don’t, keep in mind that the bicep is a relatively small muscle, and actually is only 1/3 rd of the arm. The Triceps makes up 2/3rds of your total upper arm girth. So if you want to build a balanced arm, make sure your hitting your triceps just as hard. The bicep will also get used and fatigued plenty when working other body parts like back.

When you are talking about mass gaining, and this goes for any body part, the only way you will EVER put on decent muscle mass is by LIFTING HEAVY. So you really need to have lifting heavy as a priority in your body building cycle. During the muscle gaining cycle you should be looking at at least lifting to failure in the 6 – 8 rep range.

Confusion # 2

I need to group my biceps with BACK and work them out three times a week.

Truth #2

I really hate this one, there is an overload of experts out there, telling you what to do. I want to make this clear, your own results are yours alone. By this I mean what works for you, might not work for someone else, so figuring out what works for you is half the battle.

So when it comes to where and how to group your muscles together to work out and just how often you should work them out. I really suggest just starting with something simple , and monitoring if it works.

Example Muscle grouping Ideas

  • Bicep and Back
  • Biceps Triceps and Shoulders
  • Biceps and shoulders
  • Biceps and chest

As your progress along and start to lift heavy and eating more calories you might need to consider what the frequency is of your work outs. Beginners might try to do a full body work out three times per week. Intermediates might be only working out a body part twice a week, with Advanced only once.

Great Bicep Exercises for Mass

  • Bicep EZ Barbell Curls (Grip Variations)
  • Bicep Dumbbell Curls
  • Incline Dumbbell Curls
  • Barbell 21’s
  • Preacher Curls (dumbbell or Barbbells)
  • Concentration Curls
  • Straight Barbell curl

Take note there are no Cable exercises in there, don’t get me wrong I am all for cable work outs and machine workouts, just not in a strict MASS BUILDING cycle.

No of Sets and Reps

Pick a maximum of 3 exercises, with doing 3 sets within the 6 – 8 rep range.

Example workout

  • Dumbbell curls – 15 reps (warm up), 10, 8, 6
  • Preacher Curls – 8, 8 6
  • Barbell 21’s – 7, 7, 7

That’s it, the very simple bicep workouts for mass, Its like any thing though ,lift big, eat big, sleep big, and you will grow, always focus on your form, to make sure its strict, lift to failure of the last set. and in no time at all you will have added mass to your biceps that you wanted.

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