9 Tips To Get In Shape Fast

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Get in ShapeA lot of people spend years trying to get more toned by gaining body muscle, but they fail and get frustrated.   Other people look in a mirror and want to see themselves wearing a swim suit in the best shape of their life, and when they realize that they need to put on more muscle or fill out their body, but they don’t have any idea on where to start.

It doesn’t matter whether you dream of bulking up, getting more curvaceous calves, enhancing your chest, or achieving any other muscle building mission, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 9 tips that will guide you to get in shape fast.

Tip #1: Lift

In a certain book (How To Build Muscle), it is explained that the only single way to increase body muscles significantly is to cause tears in the muscle fibres.   This is obtained by subjecting your muscles to an external force to which they are not used to.

Basically it means that, unless you are engaged in a heavy manual labour job such as construction or moving furniture, you need to get your hands on dumbbells, barbells, and weight-lifting machines to experience significant growth of muscle. Sorry to all the white collar workers.

Tip #2: Go Multi-Joint

If you’re lucky that you are already very masculine, single joint motions and movements like triceps extensions and/or biceps curls do not build body muscle quickly. So you should be using multi joint exercises such as dead lifts, cleans, bench pressing and squats. Despite the fact that these make muscles work harder and more completely in less time, they also help us to use heavier weight than the weight you could lift with single joint exercises.

Tip #3: Go Heavy

Most people who are trying to attempt to build muscles, usually they use an inadequate heavy weight. You should lift the weights in a range of sixth to eight repetitions each set. as well as performing three to four sets per exercise.

You should also use a weight that can lead to muscle failure just before the end of each single set. One of the major reasons why bodybuilders tend to exercise with a partner is that someone will be available to assist them when the weights gets so heavy that they cannot lift with a good form.

If for any reason you do not have a assistant or workout partner, you can go about it by simply stopping when you feel exhausted and you get so tired that you can’t lift with a good form, resting a few seconds, and then keep process of lifting to complete the set. This is a better method of building muscle rather than using a weight which will allow you to complete the set comfortably without reaching your muscle failure.

Tip #4: Avoiding Cardio exercises

Your body always requires calories for muscle building, and if you are trying to practise significant amounts of cardio exercise, such as bicycling or running, you are losing a lot of calories since these activities burn a high number of calories that your body could alternatively be using to build muscle mass. If you are focused on building muscle, only use cardio exercises for a brief five to ten  minute warm up, and then put your focus back on muscle building only.

Tip #5: Eat

To add an extra pound of muscle in the human body, you need to have consumed at least three thousand and five hundred extra calories. Since you can achieve muscle gain at a rate of one to two pounds per week, you will be needing to eat five hundred to one thousand extra calories each day so as to get at least three thousand and five hundred extra calories each week. Instead of shoving food down indiscriminately, focus on consuming calories from healthy foods with high level of proteins like grass fed beef and healthy natural fat sources like coconut milk and avocadoes , and healthy carbohydrate foods like yams and sweet potatoes.

Tip #6: Supplements

I’ve looked pretty hard at the most popular supplements in muscle building. The best two most  effective muscle building supplements that you should consider consuming in order to gain muscle quickly are; a highly proven quality protein powders and creatine supplements. Other common muscle building supplements including beta-alanine or nitric oxide achieve small results and but are not as effective as creatine supplement and the other highly rated quality proteins.

Tip #7:Take a Rest

If you train to hard, for too many consecutive days, you might be  over working your muscle. The muscle fibers can become so damaged, that they will not  repair properly or can even fail to grow. If you want to build muscle quickly, you first have to completely fatigue a group of muscles and then give it some time to rest.

A muscle needs a period of about seventy two hours to properly and completely repair from a hard weight training session and muscle building. You really should allow for all soreness in  your body muscle before working the muscle again. For instance, perform a chest and shoulders workout on Monday and Thursday, a leg workout practice on Tuesday and Saturday and an abs, arms and back workouts on Tuesday, Fridays and on Sundays.

Tip #8: Recover

When you’re resting, make sure you give your body what is needed for proper recovery and make sure that the muscles are in optimal growth state. Several activities can help with your recovery. They include; compression clothing, ice baths or cold showers, massage therapy( foam rolling), breathing exercises, stretching and enough sleep.

Tip #9: Avoid Stress

High levels of stress quickly drain testosterone which is an anabolic and muscle building hormone. It also leads to high levels of cortisol which is a catabolic and muscle damaging hormone. Whenever you find yourself at school or work with a moody personality, a constant high heart rate, high body temperature, shallow breaths there is likely hood of you being too stressed for optimum muscle growth. Learn how to breathe deeply, relax and plan your day to allow yourself more time to rest and avoid stress.

That’s it, 9 of the best Tips to help you get in shape fast.  You can really make some great gains quickly if you are focused and are prepared to do the work. Don’t be mistaken it is work to, hard work, but if you do the work, you will love the results.

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