5 Workout Tips For A Massive Chest

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chest workouts bodybuildingWhen you first start out in the gym, most people workout the showy muscles, it’s all about the biceps. But after a while, hardcore gym rats start realising you need balance, so workouts naturally develop to include things like legs and chest workouts, any one that is serious about Bodybuilding need to have balance and a symmetrical physique.

It’s easy to develop a training routines that include chest workouts for bodybuilding purposes. But it’s a harder thing to get the results you want. Here’s some easy tips to incorporate in your next chest workout:

1  Prioritize Chest Workouts

The best thing you can do with any weak body part is to prioritize it. So move it to the first body part that you workout in the week. That way at the start of your body training cycle, it gets all your energy and attention.

2 Work It out With a Smaller Body Part

Stay away from working larger body parts together, either do your chest workout on its own, or work it out with a smaller body part, like shoulders or triceps.

3 Hit it From all Angles

When you are structuring your bodybuilding chest workouts, you need to make sure you hit it from all angles. So top, middle, bottom, is the only way to get the growth your want. Think, incline bench press, flat bench press, decline press.

4 Lift it Heavy

When you are focusing on growing your chest. You need to lift heavy, your chest muscle is a really big muscle group so it needs to be trained heavy. When you go heavy you need to cycle it with your lighter training. So 4 weeks heavy then 2 weeks lighter, you will need to let your chest recuperate.

5 Keep your reps in single figures

With massive bodybuilding chest workouts, your reps should be firmly in the 6 – 8 range. You don’t need to be trying for 15 reps with each set. Your last set should be 6 reps with your last rep to failure as well.

That’s it, 5 bodybuilding tips for a massive chest guaranteed to grow that chest. Next time your in the gym, try a new chest workout and get the results you want.

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